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The elixirs of science

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Pomodor Ltd. is a Hungarian-owned corporation that has been combining innovation and tradition since 2009. We assure quality requirements during the creation of unique flavor and scent compositions with outstanding enthusiasm and consistency. Hence, we are continuously working on the implementation of state-of-the-art systems such as the EN ISO 22000:2018 quality assurance, the HACCP, and the SAP corporate governance systems.

Our primary goal is to create a successful collaboration with our partners, where both parties’ expectations are met. Moreover, we put a huge emphasis on that our employees can fulfill their duties as a vocation in a balanced, motivational environment while ensuring customer satisfaction.


We offer a wide selection of various aromas, essential oils, fragrances, and colors. Our ever-expanding product portfolio meets the modern market demands while we treat every order from our current and future customers as a quest. We believe in the importance of quality and accurate service practices; thus, we aim to adapt to our customers’ needs in the most precise, flexible, and rapid way.


Unexpected surprises

Due to our professional background and modern production plant, we provide opportunities to our customers that fit the preliminary agreed expectations perfectly. We know that the most important thing for any organization – just like for us – is the satisfaction of their customers, therefore our developers treat the fulfillment of every single order as an individual quest, whether it is the creation of a flavor, a scent, or the reimagination of these.

Field of application

Bakery industry


Drinks and spirits

Dairy industry

Sports nutrition

Meat industry

Canning industry



Memorable encounters

We know, that the most important thing is to give your customers a long-lasting experience. That’s the reason why we established our fragrance production plant, wherewith modern technology, 10+ years of expertise, and the help of our talented perfumer colleagues, we can provide a wide enough product portfolio so that every one of our partners can meet their expectations.

Field of application

Household and chemical industry

Industrial, institutional and chemical industry


Pet care and health

Cosmetics and body care

Room perfuming

Car perfuming

Essential oils

The proximity of nature

We believe in the excellent quality that we guarantee to our customers. The essential oils we provide are made in our modern and professional production plant that complements our 10+ years of experience. The result is a unique product that harmonizes the accumulated expertise with the vision of our customers while focusing on the importance of value creation. The essential oils we produce serve as popular raw materials for several domestic and foreign manufacturers, both in the cosmetic and the pharma industry.

Field of application

Cosmetic industry

Pharma industry

Food industry

Aroma therapy

Dental hygiene

Forage industry


Unforgettable world of taste

Share your ideas with us, and we make them a reality. Teamwork and creative thinking are our fields of expertise where innovative and unique creations are being made that will make your products memorable for your customers. We aim to create value with the help of the opportunities given by nature, that fits the market trends but stay unique and help you stand out from the masses at the same time. The extracts we provide are tailor-made and can be found among the product portfolio of several domestic and foreign corporations.

Field of application


Alcoholic extracts

Propylene glycol extracts